1113 Series Conveyor Sprockets

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1113 Series Conveyor Sprockets

Conveyor systems are essential for efficient material handling in various industries such as manufacturing, packaging, and logistics. Conveyor sprockets are a crucial component of conveyor systems, used to transfer power between the motor and the conveyor belt. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of conveyor sprockets, as well as their usage and maintenance.

Conveyor sprockets are toothed wheels that mesh with the conveyor chain to transfer power from the motor to the conveyor belt. The sprockets are made of high-quality materials such as steel or cast iron, ensuring durability and wear resistance. Conveyor sprockets are available in various sizes and tooth configurations to suit different conveyor systems and applications.

Conveyor Sprocket Parameter:

Cast 1113 Series Conveyor Sprockets

Tooth Face at Pitch Line: 1.125″ – Roller Diameter: 2.00″

Sprocket Size Tooth Count Pitch Diameter Style Hub Diameter Length Thru Bore Maximum Bore Weight (LBS)
1113C6 6 8.08″ C 4.00″ 3.00″ 2.44″ 24.0 LBS
1113C8 8 10.56″ C 4.00″ 4.00″ 2.94″ 38.0 LBS
1113C9 9 11.81″ C 5.00″ 4.00″ 3.18″ 40.0 LBS
1113C10 10 13.07″ C 5.00″ 4.00″ 3.68″ 45.0 LBS
1113C11 11 14.34″ C 5.00″ 5.00″ 3.94″ 50.0 LBS
1113C12 12 15.61″ C 6.00″ 5.00″ 4.44″ 60.0 LBS
1113C13 13 16.88″ C 6.00″ 5.00″ 4.94″ 68.0 LBS
1113C14 14 18.16″ C 10.00″ 8.00″ 4.94″ 85.0 LBS
1113C16 16 20.71″ C 10.00″ 8.00″ 6.44″ 95.0 LBS
1113C17 17 21.99″ C 6.00″ 5.00″ 4.94″ 104.0 LBS
1113C18 18 23.67″ C 8.00″ 6.00″ 4.94″ 110.0 LBS
1113C24 24 30.95″ C 8.00″ 6.00″ 4.94″ 178.0 LBS

Maintenance Of Conveyor Sprocket:

Proper maintenance of conveyor sprockets is crucial for efficient material handling and extended lifespan. Regular inspection of the sprockets and conveyor chain is recommended to identify any signs of wear or damage. If any wear or damage is detected, the sprocket or chain should be replaced immediately to prevent further damage to the conveyor system.



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Conveyor Sprocket Application: